SARL Arti Construction is a French registered company with English management bringing new ideas and technology to the construction industry in the Brittany area of France.

Looking for installers for wplinstallers for WPL units in France

WPL Uk Ltd and Arti Construction SARL work together supplying a wide range of sewage treatment plants and accessories across France with Arti Construction holding stocks of the most popular sewage treatment plants at there main site in Brittany.

Arti Construction - Based in Brittany, North West France, specialises in bringing together new construction technologies to create a working fusion for modern ecologically sound living, security and working environments. Our current new build construction techniques incorporate strength and durability along with very high thermal insulation values and sound proofing.

Arti Construction can manage your new build construction project from the ground up. We have Architects available to help and advise on all aspects of your build, planning permissions and regulations. We can carry out your ground works with our own plant equipment, or liaise with your own contractors. Our modern building and construction systems provide a much quicker turn around than traditional construction methods currently in use throughout France. Employing our modern construction systems will enable you to keep your construction project 'On Time' and 'On Budget'.

Waste water from your building, if not going into a mains drainage system can be dealt with ecologically and cost effectively with our Micro Sewerage Treatment Plants. These systems have exceptionally high purity of water output that meets current European regulations: EN:12566 (European Standard for package treatment plants).

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