SAF filter

Filter SAF ( submerged and aerated filter)

SAF Filter

Made from SVR or steel, SAF units from WPL and Arti Construction can be buried or above ground , with full access to all parts of the unit . The above-ground units are extremely easy to implement, a hardstanding being their only requirement , and just as easy to turn off . Provided for rapid deployment , they are ideal for urgent needs and are easily transportable , they are ideal for use with  temporary locations. All mechanical and electrical equipment are grouped into a dedicated cabinet  to facilitate maintenance.

typical applications

    Water companies , municipalities and communes
Solutions wastewater from commercial or industrial installations
Temporary and transportable units available

Why SAF units WPL ?

Constant process reliability , less than 1mg / l ammonia and 10mg / l BOD
No internal moving parts , which allows the safe maintenance
Lease with option to purchase for your budget
Flexible rental periods
Low operating costs
No desludging required - the unit is self- décrassante

SAF tertiary

SAF Tertiary

Segmented filter whose first sections contain 210m2/m3 medium and the following sections 210m2/m3 or 300m2/m3 medium ( optional)

SAF - N (A) (ammonia only)

For applications where the carbonaceous BOD was completely eliminated (less than 20mg / l on average), but must be fully nitrified effluent and an additional carrying capacity is required for this application. Two types of filters are available for this application:

    Fixed bed - Based on the above tertiary stations , where the medium may be 210 or 300m2/m3
Fluidized bed bioreactors - SAF containing a larger surface area - typically mid 700m2/m3

SAF - N (N) (removal of total nitrogen)

    Pre- processing and post- anoxic possible, combined with standard process ventilated .
For applications that require secondary treatment nitrifying and denitrifying carbon ( total N ), where anoxic sections are NOT airy, but are subject to a periodic emptying of sludge. Anoxic filters are filled with 140m2/m3 medium , sections airy with 210m2/m3 medium .
A recirculation between aerobic and anoxic sections is possible, by using built-in pumps or by air injection ( preferable ) .

Please refer to our page on the biological treatment of wastewater for more information about FAS proposed by WPL

Lamellar settling tanks

Lamellar settling tanks are ideal for sites without any primary or final settlement and where the usable space is limited. Used in conjunction with our modules biological treatment units can be designed to ensure quality effluent 10:20 BOD : TSS.

The modules of standard size may be equipped with a ladder / steps and a handrail . Drain piping sludge can be adapted to specific site requirements.

We will offer a solution specifically designed for your application, and you can rent and / or buy your lamellar settling tank for permanent or temporary installations.

Please see our page on settling tanks for more information .

Stations Filtration (Filter with Rotary Drum Washes Completely Automatic)

Wastewater can be treated in various ways in the prior tertiary polishing , wherein more solid and / or BOD must be eliminated. WPL offers a range of microsieves and sand filters that complement our equipment wastewater treatment , while respecting the highest standards applying to processing stations new or existing discharge. Reliable, economical and effective, microsieves WPL are permanently installed in more than 65 applications implemented by water companies across the UK.

Micro- Clic- Clo WPL

The microsieves Clic- Clo is designed to improve the life cycle costs through a cloth sieve cartridge form that can be easily installed in minutes , eliminating the time-consuming activities related to the maintenance of paintings.

The microsieves are designed to receive gravity or forced discharge, and the unique design of the drum filter maximizes the surface of the filter cloth , which achieves a high removal efficiency for extremely low operating costs . The microsieves Clic- Clo WPL can handle flow rates from 3 to 200l / s.

Installed on various processing stations of public or municipal wastewater as part permanent or temporary units added to existing treatment , they are ideally configured to provide improved facilities that no longer meet the discharge standards .

Flexible and adaptable , they can be installed above ground in a stainless steel cabinet ( protects the unit against debris falling leaves and ensures noise reduction ) or buried in a prefabricated channel in the case of flow gravity . Skid-mounted version is available for above-ground units. Available to rent for temporary applications.

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